Our Top 15 Storage Tips

Think Small

Rent the smallest space that fits your needs.

Get Organized

Make a list of the things you are storing, then gather the boxes, tape, marker, and packing material you'll need.

Protect Your Stuff

Place a protective cover on the floor, place youe items on a pallett or 2x4's to protect from moisture.

Plan Your Space

Place items you may need regular access to in the front of your unit for easy access.

Use Caution

Refrain from storing anything combustible such as paint, gasoline, or solvents.

Ease of Access

Save space for an isle if you will need to access items at the back of your unit.

Heavy on the Bottom Lighter on Top

To avoid damage to lighter objects, always store your heaviest items on the bottom.

Protect Fragile Items

Pictures, mirrors, glassware, etc. should be wrapped and marked as fragile.

Remove the Legs

Remove the legs from any tables that allow you to do so - huge space saver!

Trash Cans Can Help

An empty trash can be the perfect place to store brooms, rakes and hoses.


TV's and other electronic items should be stored in the rear of the unit.

Air Circulation

Leave a small space between your belongings and the wall to allow for air circulation.

Stuffed Furniture

Cover with blankets for protection.


Store on end and wrapped in plastic or cloth.

Your Crazy Uncle That Lives with You

Sorry, you can't store him here!